• We are a multidisciplinary team helping clients to maintain environmental compliance and supporting producers and operators in developing natural resources using proven technologies and products.  

  • We bring with us a wealth of experience and creativity to every project and develop site specific and cost effective solutions.

  • We have the ability to assemble teams with formal training in natural science disciplines including contaminant chemistry, soils, water, plants, and GIS and support our experience field crews.

  • Where needed, Amber Enviro will source Engineering Services provided by third party independent suppliers.


 Alfredo is the principal and senior soil scientist with Amber EnviroServices. He has been working in the agricultural and environmental industry in western Canada over the last twenty five years. Alfredo graduated from the soils department at U of A in 1993 and from the department of renewable resources in 1996. He has conducted soil classification to evaluate suitability for irrigation feasibility studies as well as for manure storage lagoons. In addition, he has developed land capability assessment and soil conservation surveys soil to determine suitability of development.. Alfredo is able to complete soil surveys and agricultural capability assessments to support natural resources industry, power generation, upstream oil and gas as well as agricultural producers.